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At Archstone Behavioral Health, we approach mental health, medication management, and addiction treatment with a clinically-informed, humanist perspective. The healing that takes place at Archstone is the result of our staff, programs, amenities, and recovery community. Our therapists and clinicians are the most qualified, respectful, high-performing individuals in the field. Each individual on our staff is committed to providing a life-changing therapeutic experience. Recovery is within your reach at Archstone Behavioral Health. Contact us to learn more.

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Archstone team offers caring and compassionate environment for your healing journey.

A Mindful Approach To Addiction Treatment

A mindful person pays attention in an intentional, non-judgmental way to the present moment. Mindful consciousness allows people to be aware of-but not consumed by-the people and events around them. Mindfulness is especially relevant to us at Archstone Behavioral Health because it helps our patients maintain their recovery after finishing treatment at our Florida addiction treatment center.

Our Full Continuum of Care

From admissions to discharge, our team of master’s-level clinicians and treatment specialists are alongside you every step of your journey to recovery. At Archstone Behavioral Health, we offer a full continuum of care on our campus through a variety of treatment programs, including:

Join Our Florida Addiction Recovery Community

If you are struggling with alcoholism or addiction, we want you to know that you are not alone. Chemical dependency is more complicated than most people understand. People who struggle with substance use disorder often feel isolated and unable to heal. At Archstone Behavioral Health, we offer more than standard Florida addiction recovery centers. Our therapists, addiction specialists, and community organizers can help you meet and manage your goals. Every person’s struggle is different, but our community helps foster the dialogue, friendship, and trust that people need in order to heal from addiction. Recovering from substance use disorder should be a beautiful experience. Whether you are overcoming addiction in isolation or as a dual-diagnosis patient, Archstone Behavioral Health offers the therapies and tools that work.

Every Day is a Second Chance

Tell us your story, and we will do our best to provide efficient, tailor-made treatment for you and your loved ones.

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Our Beautiful Florida Rehab Center

Located in Florida, the layout of Archstone Behavioral Health offers patients both privacy and community. The decision to enter treatment for addiction or mental health is an overwhelming, life-altering, and emotion-wrought commitment. Our first priority is creating an environment where patients can focus on healings and feel safe and secure. For that reason, patients have access to the following amenities:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Gazebo
  • Full gym
  • Yoga and fitness classes
  • Chiropractic services
  • Outdoor grill station

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Addiction Recovery Starts at Archstone Behavioral Health

For the past twenty years, Archstone Behavioral Health has been a catalyst in helping people overcome addiction and mental health conditions in order to live happier, more meaningful lives. Our wide range of expertise helps our clinicians guide patients through the therapy programs we design for each patient on an individual basis. Contact Archstone Behavioral Health today to get started.

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