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Struggling with substance abuse? Looking for drug addiction treatment that will work? Archstone Behavioral Health’s treatment center in Lantana, Florida is here to help you achieve lasting recovery. Lantana is located in picturesque Palm Beach, Florida, and is conveniently located near the airport for those who are traveling to our treatment center from out of town. Our Lantana location is nationally recognized and has all the treatment options needed to provide you with long-term success.

addiction therapyWhy Choose Residential Treatment?

For someone who has drug dependency, it can be extremely difficult to initiate a successful recovery when they are still in the same environment, constantly surrounded by the same triggers. Driving past a familiar gas station or running into someone at the supermarket may be enough to lead to a relapse. In these cases, it may be beneficial for the individual with a substance use disorder to escape everyday life and seek effective treatment in a supportive and comfortable environment which will meet all their needs. The addiction recovery programs with Archstone Behavioral Health are unique in that we offer a holistic perspective, catering to the person’s emotional, psychological, biological, physical, and spiritual needs.

For example, our drug and alcohol rehab programs are based heavily on proven addiction treatment methods and our services are led by our mission of providing a caring culture to support the individual during their time in treatment. We are also deeply rooted in the 12-step method. At Archstone Behavioral Health, we pride ourselves on our ability to create a safe and comfortable environment for our patients so they have the proper space to heal and grow.

Long-Term Addiction Treatment

Other treatment facilities are not set up to offer residential treatment beyond a 30-day limit, but Archstone Behavioral Health is. At Archstone, we believe that for long-term drug abuse, it may be necessary to have a long-term rehab. This is why we work to make ourselves available to those who need a long-term rehab program, such as 60 or 90 days. With long-term drug use, the brain changes and makes new connections as a result of chemical dependency. Whether it’s drug or alcohol addiction, it is very possible that the individual will experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Medical professionals are on staff to make sure that patients stay feeling as comfortable as possible during their time in our rehab centers. Checking into a long-term treatment program can allow the proper time and support needed for medical detox, as well as time to address underlying issues that may be driving substance abuse.

Comprehensive Treatment Programs Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders

Addressing underlying issues, such as co-occurring mental health issues, greatly increases someone’s chance for long-term recovery. Mental health disorders are extremely common in those who use substances, as substance use disorders often develop as a result of someone attempting to self-medicate their mental health problems. Whether it is one of our residential programs or one of our outpatient programs you are attending, you can trust that our drug and alcohol treatment always includes therapy options designed to help you address important topics related to your recovery. Patients are able to process through important issues like relapse prevention, relationship issues, trauma, or childhood. Patients also discover how to create a new identity outside of drug use, including planning how to surround themselves with individuals who support recovery once they leave residential treatment.

Individualized Treatment

With treatment at Archstone Behavioral Health in Lantana or in any of our other locations, you can be guaranteed individualized treatment programs. An important part of initiating a new life that includes the ability to stay sober is a patient identifying their goals for the future. Through individual therapy, the therapist begins with conducting an assessment of the patient’s history of drug use, including past experiences in drug rehab, as well as their surrounding environment and other factors in their life.

These factors are all addressed in a treatment plan, as well as discovering what methods may work most effectively for the individual based on their stage in recovery. For example, a patient’s needs are assessed and a treatment plan is created identifying not only goals but also reasonable steps and interventions needed to achieve those goals. Interventions may include medication-assisted treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, group counseling, or a combination of these methods as well as other effective methods we offer. In addition to the more typical aspects offered at drug treatment centers, we work to make the treatment enjoyable for the patient by offering other services such as yoga, chiropractic services, and even EMDR.

Life After Long Term Rehab

Throughout the treatment program, therapists also help the individual to identify what they want for their life once they graduate from the residential setting and encourage them in reaching their goals in the future. Long term addiction treatment is extremely helpful, however, it is important for the individual to be prepared to return to their environment. This is why our long term drug programs always address practical components, such as helping individuals to find a new job so they are out of a triggering environment. With residential rehab at Archstone Behavioral Health, a patient will be set for the future. Inquire today by calling our Lantana location at 561-763-7626.

Addiction Recovery Is Possible at Archstone Behavioral Health

If you or someone you love is struggling with the effects of addiction, you may feel hopeless or desperate. No matter what stage of addiction a person is in, healing is always possible in the right environment. Please don’t hesitate to contact Archstone Behavioral Health if you are interested in learning more about our life-changing mental health and addiction therapy programs. Lasting recovery is within your reach. Contact Archstone Behavioral Health by calling to learn more.

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