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Over the years, we have helped thousands of patients through the admissions process. Many people feel that seeking treatment is overwhelming, due to the various “hoops” that you might need to jump through. But it doesn’t have to be. We will be happy to make the calls to your insurance company to help your loved one get pre-authorized before you even walk through the door. At Archstone Behavioral Health, we want you to feel like you are at your home away from home. At Archstone, our Florida rehab admissions process is simple and straightforward. We are available for admissions 24/7/365 to get you or your loved one into treatment as seamlessly as possible. All you need to do is contact us today and we will walk you through every step of the way!

person holding rehab admissions paperwork
The rehab admissions process at Archstone Behavioral Health is quick, easy, and straightforward.

Easy Admissions Process

When you need help treating addiction, a treatment center must make the admissions process as quick and seamless as possible. For this reason, we do everything we can to keep you comfortable during our Florida rehab admissions process. We will also keep you and your family informed before arrival about what you can expect while you are here. Here is a quick outline of our simple and convenient admissions process:

  • Prior to being admitted to Archstone Behavioral Health, you will speak with one of our treatment relationship team members.
  • Before you arrive, our treatment relationship team will confidentially gather all the necessary information to decide the best course of action in the treatment process.

Our treatment relationship team will review your insurance information and then walk you through the payment options before admission. Upon admission, a thorough medical history and physical examination will be performed by our medical staff. We want to be aware of any health problems, allergies, and concerns. At Archstone, we treat every individual according to their unique circumstances. While our programs follow the highest standards, we also understand that they need to be customized for each individual. The admissions process is there to help us and you understand what is necessary for your treatment.

Early Assessment and Information

Prior to the Florida rehab admissions process, we ask that you share any information that you think might be relevant to your treatment. This information typically includes previous treatment experiences and other health concerns that may affect your treatment. This will also help clinicians personalize your treatment plan. We offer several addiction treatment options, including medical detox Florida programs. We also offer specific addiction treatment therapy amenities including:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Private rooms
  • BBQ grills
person in a pool
Archstone is all about providing a comfortable environment!

All patients admitted to Archstone Behavioral Health will also complete a screening and assessment process, whether they are seeking opioid withdrawal treatment or any other form of treatment. We do our best to make sure this process is as quick and easy as possible. You will also have an access to an intake clinician and the intake nurse to ensure that the admissions process goes smoothly. Archstone Behavioral Health Florida utilizes the ASAM criteria to determine a patient’s appropriateness for admission and to determine the least restrictive treatment level of care to meet the patient’s needs.

ASAM criteria for admission

The ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) criteria uses six dimensions to create a full assessment. This is a holistic, biopsychosocial assessment that is used for service planning and treatment, across all services and levels of care. The six dimensions are:

  1. Acute intoxications and/or withdrawal potential
  2. Biomedical conditions and complications
  3. Cognitive, emotional, or behavioral complications and conditions
  4. Readiness to change
  5. Relapse potential
  6. Recovering environment
person going through a rehab admissions process
We will provide you with a comprehensive biopsychological assessment.

While this may sound a bit overwhelming, exploring all six dimensions is extremely important when it comes to appropriate treatment, whether you are planning to undergo a methadone detox Florida program, or any other form of treatment. But don’t worry, our professional medical staff will make the entire rehab admissions process straightforward and easy to understand. But if you want to know what the process looks like in advance, here’s a short explanation of each dimension.

Dimension 1 – Acute intoxications/Withdrawal potential

This dimension will focus on exploring your past as well as current experiences with substance use. By knowing more about your experiences, we are able to create a customized treatment program just for you.

Dimension 2 – Biomedical conditions and complications

The second dimension will explore your health history as well as your current physical health needs. Even though Archstone might not look like a hospital, we are fully equipped to provide you with any care you might require.

Dimension 3 – Cognitive, emotional, or behavioral complications and conditions

In this dimension, we will work with you to explore your mental health history as well as figure out your current cognitive and mental health needs. This part of the rehab admissions process is quite important, and many of our marijuana detox Florida programs are based primarily upon this dimension.

Dimension 4 – Readiness to change

This dimension of our rehab admissions process is all about exploring your readiness (and your interest) in changing your habits. Every treatment starts with you and your willingness to change, after all.

Dimension 5 – Relapse potential

During this dimension, we will explore your unique needs that may influence your risk of relapse. We will also take note of any risks that may contribute to the continued use of any substance and any influencing factors.

Dimension 6 – Recovering environment

The last dimension is all about exploring your ideal recovering environment. As well as figuring out which people and places might support (or hinder) your recovery process.

Why do we use ASAM Criteria?

The primary reason why we utilize the ASAM Criteria in our admissions process is that offers us a multidimensional assessment. It takes into account your unique needs as well as any obstacles that might be detrimental to your treatment. It allows us to customize our treatment program and provide you with the best chance of recovery. Some people may be best served by detox inpatient Florida programs, while others might need outpatient services, for example. Furthermore, the ASAM Criteria allow us to determine the appropriate level of care across the full continuum of care.

a tailor
Our admissions process ensures that our treatment programs are “tailored” toward your unique needs.

Ultimately, we use the ASAM Criteria at Archstone Behavioral Health because we are all about providing our patients with the best treatment programs. What we provide are treatment programs that are fully customized toward your specific needs.

Learn More About Our Florida Rehab Admissions Today

Archstone Behavioral Health is here to help you get started with your treatment plan when you are ready to end your addiction. Our drug and alcohol rehab center in Florida provides a complete individual therapy program to help you through every phase of recovery. To find out more about our addiction treatment programs and our Florida rehab admissions, all you need to do is get in touch with us.


Do you accept insurance?

Yes, Archstone Behavioral Health accepts insurance from most major insurance providers. For specific details, you may want to contact us directly. Do note that on some occasions, depending on the duration of your stay, there may be a need to pay out-of-pocket expenses. But you will know exactly what to expect before you commit to anything.

How long does the treatment last?

The duration of your stay at Archstone Behavioral Health is, ultimately, up to how much progress you are making throughout the course of the treatment. Most patients, however, will stay with us anywhere between 7 days (medical detox) and 90 days.

Do you offer medication-assisted treatment?

Yes! While Archstone might look and feel like a resort, we are a fully-equipped medical facility. If our professional medical staff concludes that your treatment requires medications, you will have access to them.

Is Archstone Behavioral Health an accredited institution?

A resounding yes! Not only are we licensed by the state of Florida, but we can also treat patients from across the world. We are also the holders of a voluntary Joint Commission accreditation. JC accreditation is considered to be the gold standard among top hospitals and healthcare organizations, as well as treatment providers.

Accepting Major Insurance Plans