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All you need to do to start an admission process is tell us your story, complete a pre-screening assessment, and go through the insurance verification process. Of course, the staff at Archstone Behavioral Health will help you throughout the entire process. The time it takes to complete the admissions process to our Lantana Florida treatment center depends on your situation, but is a quick and simple process. Before you seek treatment admissions, you may want to understand exactly what an addiction is, its signs, and treatment options.

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Admission for Yourself at Archstone Behavioral Health Florida

Archstone Behavioral Health is a Florida addiction treatment center that is dedicated to rehabilitating those with addiction issues. We are committed to providing an individualized treatment program that will include medical detox, inpatient and outpatient program, family counseling, aftercare programs, and many more. Our Florida addiction treatment center can help you find a path back into sobriety, whether you only need medical detox and alcohol withdrawal medication or any other combination of treatment modalities. Suffering from an addiction is an experience that may be quite common but each case is fully unique. That is why the admissions process is there to help us determine exactly what sort of treatment is best for you. Before we delve into the specifics, we would like to quickly explain what an addiction is, what the signs are, and possible treatment options.

What is an Addiction?

An addiction is a dependency on anything that releases endorphins in the brain, including but not limited to drugs and alcohol, gambling, and food.  Addiction can lead to serious health consequences, and it affects more than just the individual directly suffering. If you or someone you know has an addiction, help is available! No one has to fight their disease alone. The state of Florida offers countless resources for people looking for help, the perfect example being support groups. These support groups offer various ways of sharing experiences with others who have had similar problems.

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Support groups can make something that seemed impossible into a very possible prospect.

Support groups not only help the addict but also give their loved ones peace of mind knowing they aren’t suffering alone anymore. Some organizations even offer free hotlines where addicts themselves can call anonymously to get advice from professionals about how to end their habit once and for all without having to worry about being judged or misunderstood.

However, the absolute best way to fight addiction is to seek treatment admission at a Florida treatment center. Support groups and advice are great, but they can’t help you when you require a medical detox Florida program, for example. What they can help you with, though, is spotting the signs of addiction and allowing you to make the first step toward recovery.

Signs of Addiction

Some of the symptoms that indicate addiction or a substantial risk for addiction include:

  • Inability to stop using despite any detrimental effects on your life, such as loss of friends, or family problems. Addiction can also bring about financial difficulties from spending too much money and time buying and using substances.
  • Usage of higher amounts than intended over more extended periods due to developing resistance and cravings. This is often caused by tolerance buildup against certain drugs like opioids. Increased tolerance can easily lead to an overdose, which can potentially be fatal. Therefore, if you notice that you need an increasing amount of the substance to satisfy your cravings, the best thing to do is seek treatment admission in an opiate detox center Florida trusts immediately. 
  • Withdrawing from society because you only want to spend time around people doing the same thing as yourself or using substances to cope with stress or problems in your life.
  • Experiencing intense cravings and being unable to control them. This can manifest as obsessively thinking about using, planning how to get drugs/alcohol, or feeling like you need it to function normally.
  • Continuing to use even though it leads to negative consequences such as health problems, financial instability, legal issues, etc.

If any of these signs sound familiar, please know that you are not alone. Addiction is a severe disease that should not be taken lightly – and can be fatal if left untreated. There are many resources available for those suffering from addiction and seeking recovery. Some popular forms of addiction treatment include rehab centers, 12 step programs, and therapy. Thus, seeking treatment admissions is usually the best way to overcome your addiction and return to your normal life.

Different types of treatment

There are many different addiction treatment options available, and it can be challenging to know which one is right for you. Here are a few of the most popular types of addiction treatment:

  • Inpatient rehab: This type of rehab requires you to stay at the facility while receiving treatment. It’s a good option if you need intensive care from your drug rehab Lantana program, or are suffering from severe addiction.
  • Twelve-step programs: These programs involve attending group meetings and working through a series of steps designed to help you overcome your addiction. Twelve-step programs are often used as aftercare following inpatient or outpatient rehab.
  • Medication-assisted treatment: This type of treatment uses medication to help you overcome your addiction. It’s a good option for people who cannot abstain from drugs or alcohol altogether.

If you’re struggling with addiction, it’s essential to seek out help. Talk to your doctor about the best addiction treatment options for you.

Treatment admission process

The admissions process at Archstone Behavioral Health is quite simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Tell us your story
  2. Complete an admissions assessment
  3. Verify your insurance details

Our dedicated admissions staff will help you throughout the entire process and answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, they will explain all of the details concerning our treatment programs (methadone detox Florida, for example), and help you review your insurance details. You can get to know our team ahead of the admissions process, we are always happy to hear from our prospective clients! To help you even further, here’s an outline of what the entire process looks like.

It all starts with you telling us your story

First and foremost, all the information you provide to us is 100% confidential. We will only use your information to answer your questions and assess your treatment needs. You can tell us your story in person or over the phone. Of course, we are available for treatment admissions 24/7, every day of the year. By providing us with a bit of information about yourself, you will pave the road for a successful recovery, as we will use that information to start creating a customized treatment program, just for you.

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Everything starts with a simple phone call!

Whether you only require a simple heroin detox Florida program or a full continuum of care for many months, it all starts with a simple phone call or a visit to our treatment center. Our treatment relationship team members will make you feel welcome, either way.

Admissions assessment

The admissions assessment (also known as the pre-screening assessment), involves gathering information about your specific needs, as well as some of your personal information. This information includes your general medical and psychiatric history, as well as demographic information. We will also ask you about your current issues and concerns, and investigate your substance use history, past treatment history, as well as medical and psychiatric history.

The important thing is that this assessment provides both you and us with the exact “picture” of your medical needs. Only then we will be able to work on creating an individualized treatment program for you. For example, someone needs a marijuana detox Florida program while others need inpatient treatment for this type of addiction. To reiterate, all the information that you provide to us will be 100% confidential. Our professional medical staff is there to provide you with the best possible treatment option and nothing else.

It is always in your best interest to be as honest as possible during the admissions assessment. Therefore, it may be best to make the phone call from a comfortable, quiet, area, where you can have an open and honest conversation.

Here are some of the topics that may come up during the assessment:

  • Age of first use
  • Drug of choice
  • Frequency of use
  • Events that lead to seeking treatment
  • Number of past treatment attempts

Insurance details

The fact of the matter is that addiction treatment can be an expensive process. We are fully aware of this fact, which is why we make every effort to work with as many insurance providers as we can. Our goal is to provide you with affordable, accessible, treatment options. It is our job to help you maximize your insurance coverage and provide the best treatment for the money spent. Thus, the third part of the treatment admissions process is all about easing your mind by helping you get the most out of your insurance. Our team will help you verify all the details and provide advice on the best course of action.

We work with all the major insurance providers, including Cigna, Humana, Bright Health, Molina Healthcare, Aetna, and Beacon Health Options.

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Do you offer tours of your facility?

Absolutely! We are always pleased to get to show off our facilities to anyone who might be interested in them. Our facility is our pride, after all! You can schedule a tour by calling 561.631.9478 or sending us an email through our contact page.

What levels of care does Archstone Behavioral Health offer?

We offer a full continuum of care. That means that you get to stay with us for the entirety of your treatment program. There will be no transportation between centers, no referrals, or any similar hassles. At Archstone, nothing gets lost in translation!

How long will the treatment last?

This is not a question that we can answer without knowing more about the acuity of your addiction or your individual mental health needs. However, once you complete the admissions process, you will know exactly how long will you stay at Archstone. 

Is Archstone accredited?

Not only is Archstone Behavioral Health licensed by the state of Florida, but we are accredited to treat patients from across the world. Furthermore, we are proud owners of a voluntary Joint Commission accreditation, which is considered to be the gold standard by treatment centers, hospitals, and healthcare organizations across the entire country.


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