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A man in a business suit adjusting his tie.

10 Signs of a High Functioning Addict

Living with addiction is often associated with disarray and dysfunction, but it's important…

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LSD Withdrawal Symptoms and Recovery Process

LSD, also known as acid, is a hallucinogenic drug that can cause addiction…

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Children of Addicted Parents Guide: How to Deal With The Struggle

Addiction is a disease that never affects just the person suffering from it…

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A group of cheerful friends sitting on the grass.

Questions You Shouldn’t Ask A Recovering Addict

The journey to recovery can be very challenging, for both addicts themselves and…

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What You Should Know about a Trauma-Informed Approach

In order to effectively support individuals who have experienced trauma and address their…

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Exploring the Link Between ADHD and Addiction

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a fairly common neurodivergence that is nonetheless…

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A couple trying to figure out can their marriage survive drug addiction

Can A Marriage Survive Drug Addiction?

For the better and for worse, through good times and the bad... That's…

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An assortment of pills on a wooden table under purple light.

Polydrug Abuse Facts – Dangerous Drug Combinations

Addiction can unfortunately occur for a variety of reasons. Prolonged and unmonitored use…

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The Opioid Epidemic in Florida: Facts and Stats

Florida is frequently said to be the "happiest place on earth". The state…

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A silhouette of a man under an evening sky lit by fireworks.

Reasons You Should Be Celebrating Sobriety Milestones

Anyone who has struggled with alcohol use will tell you how hard it…

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