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A couple trying to figure out can their marriage survive drug addiction

Can A Marriage Survive Drug Addiction?

For the better and for worse, through good times and the bad... That's…

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An assortment of pills on a wooden table under purple light.

Polydrug Abuse Facts – Dangerous Drug Combinations

Addiction can unfortunately occur for a variety of reasons. Prolonged and unmonitored use…

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The Opioid Epidemic in Florida: Facts and Stats

Florida is frequently said to be the "happiest place on earth". The state…

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A silhouette of a man under an evening sky lit by fireworks.

Reasons You Should Be Celebrating Sobriety Milestones

Anyone who has struggled with alcohol use will tell you how hard it…

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Reasons People in Florida Stop Going to 12-Step Meetings

The 12-step program is a widely recognized approach to addiction recovery that has…

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A black-and-white photo of a depressed man in a building.

The Relationship Between Failure to Launch and Addiction

A peculiar phenomenon, dubbed “failure to launch syndrome”, has attracted the attention of…

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A close-up of a woman’s hands as she uses social media on a smartphone.

The Dangerous Connection Between Social Media & Drug Addiction

Social media have, without exaggeration, taken over our lives. Most such platforms had…

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7 Non-Physical Signs A Loved One Is Addicted to Heroin

When it comes to dangerous drugs, heroin takes one of the top places.…

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A beach where you can have fun in Florida.

Having Fun in Florida: Sober Edition

For many people, substance abuse starts off as experimenting with friends or at…

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A syringe disposal box containing syringes and other paraphernalia.

Patterns and Characteristics of Methamphetamine Use Among Adults

By all accounts, methamphetamine use among adults is a pressing concern in the…

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