10 Reasons to Give Florida Rehab Another Chance

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Some people struggling with substance use disorder may have unsuccessfully attempted to get over their addiction in the past. Sadly, not all attempts at recovering from addiction are successful, especially if you are attempting it on your own. The withdrawal symptoms and cravings often become too challenging to deal with, causing addicts to relapse. Many individuals start using again to avoid dealing with these symptoms and quickly fall back into their old ways. This endless loop of trying to get sober – only to fail repeatedly can cause people to lose hope. However, as long as you want to get better, there is always a chance for recovery. We are going to explore 10 reasons to give Florida rehab another chance.

Why People Struggling with Addiction Relapse or Fail to Recover

The reasons for your previous failures can be manyfold. First of all, overcoming addiction without professional help is incredibly difficult. Most people rarely make it past the withdrawal stage. Even those who manage to detox will probably lack the skills needed to maintain their sobriety in the long run. 

On the other hand, you may have entered a treatment center that wasn’t suited to your needs. Many self-titled rehab clinics don’t have a licensed and certified treatment program. Some only offer medical detox and consider treatment completed as soon as that stage is over. However, patients must learn healthy and productive coping mechanisms and essential skills to avoid relapse. There are also treatment centers who only focus on fun activities, without offering any formal therapy. Therefore, you or your loved one may have mistakenly put your trust in the wrong rehab facility. If you are looking for a licensed and accredited treatment center, Archstone Behavioral Health can be your greatest ally on the road to recovery.

Archstone group therapy is one of the reasons to give Florida rehab another chance.
Being part of a group can help you open up about your own struggles.

10 Reasons to Give Florida Rehab Another Chance

At Archstone, we believe that treating patients is a privilege. We have made it our mission to offer the highest level of care and make patients feel welcome and respected. Quality care should start with a caring community, and we value each person as an individual. For that reason, we offer each of our clients a personalized treatment program suited to their needs. If you trust in us, we can make your dreams of a sober and happy life a reality. To give you a better idea of why Archstone is the perfect place for your recovery, here are ten reasons to give Florida rehab another chance.

  1. Learning How to Manage Your Cravings

One thing many people fail to realize regarding addiction is that substance abuse disorder is a chronic mental illness. The National Institute on Drug Abuse classifies addiction as a mental illness due to brain changes resulting from substance abuse. The fact that substance use disorder is a chronic disease means it is impossible to fully cure it. However, like with many other chronic and relapsing diseases, it is possible to learn to manage the effects of addiction.

Patients can learn effective coping mechanisms instead of giving in to their cravings. Knowing how to deal with addiction triggers can be particularly important for legal and widespread substances such as alcohol. In our alcohol rehab program, patients can train effective skills to avoid giving in to temptation. 

  1. Ridding Your Body of Toxins

One of the first steps on your recovery path is getting rid of the toxins poisoning your body. The true healing process can begin only after you have been through detox. At our Lantana, Florida facility, we apply contemporary detox methods to help you get through the worst parts of recovery. 

Re-taking the first steps of any journey is usually the most challenging part – this is also true for detox. Individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol typically develop a tolerance over time. As their bodies get used to the effects of drugs, addicts gradually consume more to achieve the same high. Unfortunately, this pattern of abuse can lead to severe dependence. You should also understand that some substances can cause almost immediate addiction, even after only one use. Any attempt to stop or even taper off drug use will lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include headaches, nausea, feelings of intense pain, stomach cramps, fever, and excess sweating. Thankfully, detoxification does not necessarily need to be an excruciating experience

Licensed clinical staff can oversee the detox process and administer medication to help you deal with withdrawal symptoms. When properly applied, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can also reduce the risk of relapse. MAT can help patients overcome the most physically demanding part of recovery and set them on a course for success.

Man doing yoga.
Learn helpful coping skills to deal with addiction triggers.
  1. High Success Rates

At the Archstone Behavioral Health treatment center, we consider our clients to be part of the Archstone family. We are committed to your success and will help you achieve your goal of leading a sober and fulfilling life. However, results will always speak louder than words. So, we will let you draw your conclusion:

We can boast an incredible 98% success rate in treating addiction for patients who have completed our programs.

Even if you have already attempted other treatment programs without success, our success rate is one of the most convincing reasons to give Florida rehab another chance. Not only can we help you overcome addiction, but we can also offer assistance to start over after your recovery. Maintaining sobriety is a long-term goal, and productive life after rehab plays a critical role in preventing relapse.

However, when searching for the best treatment center for your recovery, you should see what their patients have to say. As we previously mentioned, we consider our previous clients family, and we are incredibly proud of their success. Their sobriety and happiness are the best measures of our effectiveness.

  1. Continued Support

We believe the essential component of our high success rates in treating addiction is the continued support we offer patients. Incoming patients are admitted to residential stay at our Florida facility. However, treatment doesn’t end after patients complete inpatient treatment programs. Depending on their progress, there are several available options. There is no magic formula for recovery, and patients are free to extend their residential stay. The average duration is typically between 30 and 45 days, but in some cases, inpatient care can last for 90 days.

Individuals who don’t require a full residential stay, have the option of attending our partial hospitalization program. PHP includes all the benefits of our intensive treatment without a full residential stay. These programs can represent an excellent middle ground for patients ready to transition out of rehab.

However, we also provide all our clients with continued support through aftercare programs. We encourage patients to stay in touch with the sober community we’ve built up in Archstone. Our staff can help you create an effective post-treatment plan to help you remain sober.

Archstone rehab patients hugging in a field.
Build your support group while in rehab.
  1. Building Your Support Group

Most recovering addicts can tell you that a strong support group is essential for preventing relapse in the long run. We provide many resources to help you overcome addiction both during and after your stay at our Lantana facility. However, we always encourage patients to start building their own support group. 

Having friends who understand what you are going through can be incredibly comforting. Sober friends, especially those who have also gone through recovery, can offer their support and understanding. Having someone to talk to about your struggles without any fear of judgment can help you stay on track.

For this reason, much of our treatment is conducted in group therapy sessions. These sessions allow patients to see how others are dealing with similar struggles. For many people, it’s much easier to open up after first listening to other patients share their experiences. Group sessions also offer excellent opportunities to build lasting friendships. Getting a sponsor and building a support group are great reasons to give Florida rehab another chance. There is no reason to go through recovery alone, and we can provide many chances to create meaningful connections.

  1. Connecting With the Community

There is a common philosophy among recovering addicts that it’s essential to ‘pay it forward.’ This refers to the help you receive from others when you begin your recovery journey. Patients are coupled with a sponsor who can advise them and help them through tough times. As patients progress through their programs, they can eventually become a sponsor for someone else. Thus, the cycle of support and giving help can begin again. 

Staying in touch with the sober community can make participants feel connected even after they have completed their programs. All our former patients are always welcome through our doors. We also have an alumni program to help patients remain part of a supportive and active community. Archstone alumni are also welcome at our social gatherings, and we often invite them to speak to current patients.

  1. Developing Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Sobriety isn’t merely about wanting to refrain from substance use. Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol can change your brain chemistry and how you react to temptation. Unfortunately, real life is full of situations where drugs or alcohol are present. It will be challenging to deal with addiction triggers without the appropriate skills and training. One of the best reasons to give Florida rehab another chance is that we can provide you with behavioral therapy. This form of psychotherapy can help you understand your learned behaviors and reduce the impact of negative thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness-based cognitive techniques can build up your awareness of harmful thoughts and allow you to make better decisions.

Most forms of addiction are propped up by underlying psychological issues rooted in trauma and stress. Psychotherapy during your drug rehab program can help you understand your past traumatic experiences that lead to drug use. Through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) licensed addiction psychotherapists can treat your negative thoughts and behaviors. You will learn how to replace harmful behaviors with positive coping mechanisms. The skills you learn in CBT will allow you to productively deal with stress and avoid future substance use.

  1. Learning Necessary Life Skills

Sadly, many people go through life without developing a healthy self-care routine. Learning how to take care of yourself is paramount for overall well-being and long-term sobriety. During your stay at our Lantana Florida facility, we can teach you many helpful life skills. In rehab you will learn how to:

  • Maintain a daily schedule. Once you develop healthy habits it’s essential to stick to them and avoid falling back on an unhealthy routine.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Substance use can cause weight fluctuations and lead to eating disorders. Therefore, recovering addicts should understand basic nutrition and how to prepare meals.
  • Improve personal hygiene. Addiction frequently causes users to forsake their hygiene. Besides being socially unacceptable, a lack of hygiene can lead to unnecessary health complications.
People volunteering in food drive.
Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to the community.
  1. Becoming a Productive Member of Society

One of the final steps in recovery is reintegration back into society. Setting long-term goals can help you stay focused and motivated after your time in rehab. To help patients become self-sufficient, we provide them with vocational services and job assistance. Earning a living and taking care of yourself can boost your morale and keep you sober. 

Once you can take care of yourself, you can volunteer for charities and give back to the community. Being part of something larger than yourself can help you feel connected and give you a purpose to strive for. We always advise patients to surround themselves with people who will positively impact their lives. Staying active in your local community allows you to have a profound impact on someone else.

  1. Sobriety can be Fun

Although overcoming addiction requires a lot of hard work, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. Rediscovering your sense of adventure and having sober fun is a critical yet often overlooked component of recovery. As silly as it may sound, many people forget how joyful and exciting life can be. Learning to have fun and stay active are vital reasons to give Florida rehab another chance. 

We at Archstone believe that being physically active and exercising while in rehab is particularly beneficial. The body and mind are linked, and it is practically impossible to achieve successful recovery without treating both. While our therapeutic sessions allow you to work on your mental and emotional trauma, exercise can help restore your body. Being physically active can also help restore the natural balance in the brain. Exercise stimulates the natural reward system of your body, improving your mood and balancing your digestion and sleep cycles.

Man running in the mountains.
Being physically active can help your recovery.

In Conclusion

As long as you want to get better and are willing to put in the effort, there is always hope for recovery. We’ve explored 10 reasons to give Florida rehab another chance, now all you have to do is ask for help. Many people struggling with addiction also experience guilt and shame, especially those who had already tried and failed at rehab. However, if you reach out to us, we will greet you with kindness and respect. We would love to be a part of your recovery. Put your trust in us, and seize your opportunity for a sober and happy life!