Archstone Alumni Cheer on the Marlins

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25 Archstone alums and five members of our staff met at LoanDepot Park to watch the Miami Marlins play the Philadelphia Phillies on May 25, 2021! Everyone had a great time at the ballgame—despite the Marlins’ 2–0 loss—and we can’t wait for the next alumni event. Reconnecting with sports, music, and other activities is such an important part of recovery, especially after being socially distant for so long due to COVID-19. Our Archstone alumni community has become family, and we hope to cheer the Marlins on again soon.

Our Archstone Family

One of the things that makes Archstone such an impressive treatment center is our commitment to our alumni. No matter where they go in life after treatment, Archstone alumni continue to feel connected to our program. For this reason, we feel that our alumni program is one of the strongest sober support resources in all of Florida. The friendships made at Archstone extend beyond the time people spend in treatment. Part of our goal at Archstone is to provide experiences after treatment that can help people stay together and celebrate their recovery. For this reason, we encourage our alumni to stay connected long after they leave our beautiful campus.

We are excited to provide continued support through weekly alumni Zoom meetings, sober activities, sporting events, and so much more. Recovering from addiction should not be a lonely or solitary experience. At Archstone, we understand that addiction recovery is a life-long journey that is best taken alongside good company. We do our best to help each of our alums stay connected in our community as they move forward with their lives.

About Archstone Behavioral Health

Archstone Behavioral Health has been helping individuals find healing since 2001. We provide a full continuum of care for those struggling with substance use disorder or mental health conditions, so our team of master’s-level clinicians and treatment specialists is with you every step of the way. Some of our treatment offerings include:

Recovery is Within Reach at Archstone

We understand that chemical dependency can happen to anyone. This is why we develop individualized treatment plans to meet your unique needs. The team at Archstone Behavioral Health provides the necessary resources for you to move forward in your recovery. Since 2001, Archstone has helped thousands of individuals achieve sobriety and our Archstone alumni program can provide continued support long after you leave our campus. To learn more, contact Archstone Behavioral Health today at