Don’t Let Percocet Addiction Ruin Your Life

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Get Help : Don’t Let Addiction Ruin Your Life.

It starts innocently enough: you’re in pain. Maybe you’ve had surgery or dental work done, or perhaps you’ve broken your leg. Your doctor gives you a prescription for some heavy-duty painkillers: Percocet. And it works. It takes the pain away. It even makes you feel good—kind of loopy, kind of high, definitely relaxed. You start to enjoy the pills for their own sake, and maybe exceed your dosage a bit. And then you start to heal, you’re not really in pain anymore, but you don’t want to leave the Percocet behind. You ask your doctor for a refill, but she refuses—so you ask around. It turns out there’s a whole marketplace for this stuff: percs, 512s, bananas, blue dynamite. You’re paying per pill, and you find yourself needing more and more. 

Can’t Skip A Day Without Percocet?

You try to skip a day and you can’t deal: you’re not just twitchy, you actually start to feel sick. Withdrawal. You hurry to your dealer’s house to get more. That’s how Percocet addiction works. Percocet has two active ingredients: acetaminophen (the same thing that’s in regular old Tylenol), and oxycodone—the strong and highly addictive ingredient also contained in the commonly abused drug Oxycontin. Percocet addiction sets in after just a few weeks of use, and it is remarkably tenacious. Users who go without for even a period as short as several hours will begin to display both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, nausea and diarrhea, sweating, fevers, muscle pain, and extreme drug-seeking behavior. If you have become addicted to Percocet, do not attempt to stop taking it without medical supervision. This can be quite dangerous. Pregnant women, especially, can miscarry if they go “cold turkey” because this can cause withdrawal in the fetus.

Be Against Addiction.

Percocet doses must be lowered slowly, and medication is needed to counter the symptoms of withdrawal, which is why it’s very important to undergo detox at an accredited rehabilitation facility under the care of specialized physicians. Archstone Recovery Center in Lantana, Florida, offers a wide range of treatment options, beginning with detox and taking you through recovery, including extended care programs to help you stay sober. Archstone Recovery uses a twelve-step approach that cares for the whole person. If you’re ready to fight back against Percocet addiction, contact Archstone Recovery. Live outside of Florida in Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee or DC? No problem. Archstone Recovery treats residents from all over. Make the call and start your recovery today.