Having Fun in Florida: Sober Edition

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For many people, substance abuse starts off as experimenting with friends or at a party. You have some beer with a couple of pals while watching football, smoke up a little to relax, take a pill here and there to enjoy dancing at a club more; and before you know it – you’re addicted. Once you reach that stage, it becomes hard to imagine enjoying yourself without drugs or alcohol. So when the time comes for you to do fun things again after drug and alcohol detox Florida, you may struggle to remember how to do that while staying sober. Luckily, having fun in Florida while resisting the temptation of substances is not just possible but also more manageable than it may seem. Florida offers plenty of opportunities for sober fun to people of all ages and interests – you just need to know where to look!

Things to do when having fun in Florida while sober

Whether you live in Florida or are just visiting for holidays, there are plenty of interesting ways to spend the time. And while Florida’s cities are known to offer great nightlife opportunities, not every fun place in Florida is a recovering addict’s worst nightmare. Quite the opposite, actually – between the stunning nature, the family-friendly theme parks, and the vibrant culture, there’s something for everyone in the Sunshine State.

Sunset on a beach in Florida.
Who doesn’t enjoy sunny sandy beaches?

Visit one of Florida’s many beautiful beaches

Florida is perhaps best known for its seemingly endless supply of absolutely gorgeous beaches. You’ll find them all along the coastline, in big cities and small towns alike. They’re the perfect place to go to relax after spending a few months in a Florida inpatient drug detox center. Lie back in the soft white sand, soak up some sun, and take a dip in the clear blue sea. You’ll have absolutely no need for substances while enjoying the best of what Florida offers. And the most convenient part of it all is that you get to this year-round; the state’s warm climate allows for beautifully sunny beaches even in the middle of winter.

Go for a nice long scenic drive

North to South, Florida is about eight and a half hours of driving and that’s not counting all the small winding roads that’ll take you to hidden gems like out-of-the-way beaches and welcoming small towns. So if being in a big city becomes overwhelming or you just get bored of the same old routines, take your car out for a spin. Do it alone while blasting your favorite tunes or take a friend for an impromptu road trip. Many people find the repetitive motions of driving to be soothing and enjoyable. Even without a destination in mind, you can still enjoy the views – the ocean, the palm trees, the glades, and the picturesque towns are just outside the window! It’s a simple way to have fun in Florida that is by necessity sober.

Turn to nature

Beaches are not the only natural beauty that Florida offers. Step out of the city for a second and you’ll find clear freshwater springs, dark and mysterious caves, lush wilderness preserves, roaring waterfalls, and vast swamps. The diverse nature of Florida is perfect to explore on foot, by car, by boat, or by swimming and diving – whatever your heart desires. Not only can you have fun in Florida nature without substances but you’ll also facilitate healing and recovery by spending time breathing in the fresh air. Research has shown that nature can make us feel more calm, relaxed, and grounded; this helps with feelings of anxiety and depression which can be triggers for relapse, especially for those who needed dual diagnosis treatment FL, to begin with. So if you find yourself struggling, turn to nature for fun.

The Everglades National Park.
Having fun in Florida is easy for nature lovers – there’s tons of natural beauty all around.

Play a game of golf or another sport

One of the most popular ways to have fun in Florida is to play golf. Floridians of all ages take to the nearby golf courses on the weekends to relax, spend time with friends, and of course, compete. It’s a great way to get a bit of exercise while having a good time. And if golf is not your thing, don’t worry; there are plenty of other sports you can try. In Florida, basketball, football, soccer, beach volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, and fishing are big. If you live here, join a team to practice! Or play casually with a group of friends – both are fun in their own way. Regular physical activity will help your physical and mental health. And since there are no drugs or alcohol in sports, you’ll have the incentive to stay sober too!

Check out the theme parks in the area

From Disney World and Universal Studios to Sea World and Busch Gardens, Florida has a theme park for everyone’s interests. So wake up your inner child and visit one. You can go on famous rides inspired by the princesses from your childhood. Or opt for watching marine mammals perform daring feats with their trainers. You can pack hours and hours of fun into your day with just one theme park ticket. But keep in mind that some alcohol withdrawal medication can make you nauseous as a side effect. So avoid the bumpiest of rides and stick to the more tame kinds of fun.

Take a sightseeing tour of the area

Whether you’re visiting Florida for the first time or have lived here your entire life, you can always learn more about your surroundings. So even if you are not a tourist, pretend to be one for a day. Go sightseeing on a hop-on, hop-off bus to see the most famous sights. Or take a guided tour with a theme if you have specific interests:

  • foodie tours take you to popular restaurants for a taste of the delicacies
  • street art tours will showcase the art form unique to local urban culture
  • spooky tours tell the stories of ghosts and monsters lurking in the dark
  • historical tours will teach you about the past

Tips on finding fun things to do in Florida while sober

If having fun had included substances for years, you may not know where to find sober activities you’ll enjoy. In fact, you may not even know any sober activities you’ll enjoy. It’ll be all too easy to slip back into old habits, frequent the old haunts, and have fun the way you’re used to – especially if you haven’t moved or found a new friend group after cocaine withdrawal treatment. To avoid that and start fresh instead, here’s what you should do:

Avoid temptation

It’ll be harder for you to relapse if you avoid situations that could trigger a relapse. So don’t go to places like bars and clubs. Don’t even go to house or beach parties if there will be substances there. If you do, you’ll almost certainly have the opportunity to use and maybe even be offered drugs or alcohol. Some recovering addicts are able to resist the temptation. But why risk it? Especially early on in recovery, your sobriety may be fragile and difficult to maintain. It’s safer to avoid situations where substance use is the norm than to be overly confident in your ability and willingness to say no to it.

People dancing in a club.
As fun as nightclubs may be, they are full of temptation.

Look for family-friendly activities

One way to find sober things to do is to look for fun family friendly activities in Florida. If an activity is labeled family-friendly, it’s meant to be suitable for children to partake in. This means that substance use won’t be the norm if any is allowed at all. Typically, alcohol consumption is the only thing you may witness, during meals for example. But even then, it’ll only be moderate alcohol consumption, perhaps a glass of beer or wine with a meal. So you’re unlikely to be tempted into relapse.

Don’t worry though, family-friendly doesn’t have to mean childish or boring. Many nature-based activities are family-friendly as are most theme parks, so there’s certainly fun to be had in family-friendly environments. And even if you come across something a bit childish… Why not let your inner child out to play for a day?

Team up with sober friends

Fun is one of those things that is always greater when it’s shared. So why not invite some friends along? If your friends are sober too – even better. You can encourage each other to avoid substances. When someone else is there to hold you accountable, you are more likely to follow through on your intentions of remaining sober while having fun. Besides, your friends may have some good tips or ideas to share!

The importance of having fun in Florida and staying sober at the same time

Once you’ve gone through addiction treatment, maintaining your sobriety should be your priority. You don’t want to go back to addiction, especially if you had a hard time leaving it behind. But that doesn’t mean you need to live your whole life as if you’re in treatment. You can and should still try to make your days interesting and exciting because having fun in Florida can actually help you stay sober. It’s good for your mental health to enjoy yourself. If you’re happy with the way you’re living your life, you’ll have less of a reason to turn to substances again.