Taking the First Steps Toward Recovery at Archstone Behavioral Health

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When addiction has taken hold of your mind and body, thinking about getting help can be scary. You may fear judgment from others for admitting your struggle. Insurance may be a concern to cover your treatment. The thought of detox may seem like it will be too much to handle. You may also fear the unknown of walking into a facility to start your treatment. Archstone Behavioral Health is going to help you with all of the fears you are facing when it comes to going to rehab. We are here to work together to find your successful path to recovery.  We are going to discuss the admission process at Archstone to help alleviate your fears of the unknown first steps onto your path to sobriety. 

Phone Calls with Archstone’s Admissions Team 

The first point of contact you will have is with our Admissions team. They will guide you on the right course to take to seek treatment for your addiction. Speaking with our admissions team is a two-step process to prepare for your admission into Archstone. The first step will be verifying your benefits. Our team will discuss other payment plans and options with you, depending on your insurance coverage. The second step will be a prescreening assessment that will usually take no longer than 15 minutes. During this assessment, they will ask you about your medical history, drug and alcohol use, and psychiatric history. This will help our team put you on the correct path and level of care. Finally, you will schedule the date for your admission into our Florida rehab. 

Entering Our Florida Facility 

The beginning of your journey at Archstone will start with one of our nurses. They will perform their nursing intake process. This will include them taking your vitals and doing a medical assessment. The medical evaluation will be similar to the one you did on the phone with our admissions team. You will share medical history, psychiatric history, and information about your substance use. It is crucial that you are completely honest during this intake process. Do not fear judgment from anyone at Archstone, we are here to help you, and we must have all of the information to do so! Knowing all of the information will allow our team of specialists to tailor your recovery plan to meet your needs.  The next step of your admissions process will include paperwork. Paperwork is never fun, but it is essential to help us gather as much information as needed to individualize your path to recovery. Our staff will be available to help you with this paperwork if needed. Your belongings will be searched before you are admitted into the facility. This is done to ensure the safety of you and our other patients by preventing anything from entering the facility that may jeopardize sobriety. 

Starting Detox 

Detox is typically the first level of care you will enter when coming to rehab. Archstone Behavioral Health offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Access to MAT services will be determined on a case by case basis. Each client has different needs, and Archstone customizes every patient’s recovery plan. If it is determined that a tapering plan will work best for you, you will typically be on the taper for 5-8 days. The medication used will be based on the substance you are addicted to. Archstone will detox patients from high levels of methadone with our highly experienced and capable doctors monitoring the process.  Our detox wing is separated from our other levels of care. The most crucial element of detox is that you rest to let your body flush the substance out. Meals will be catered while you are in our detox level of treatment. You will not be required to attend groups right away to give you the time to rest that is needed during detox. 

Start Your Journey Today 

Making the decision to get help and start your new life in sobriety is the most important first step you can take. If you are ready to break the hold addiction has over your mind and body, get help at Archstone Recovery. Our Lantana facility offers a full continuum of care all in one place. We will help you find and maintain a successful life in recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call Archstone at [Direct]