The Importance of Spirituality During Alcohol and Drug Rehab in FL

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Most of us go through life searching for meaning and purpose. Some people manage to find answers by looking inwards and adopting a spiritualistic mindset. Unfortunately, when addiction takes root in a person’s life it can be hard to search for purpose. For the affected individual, everything becomes about using again, and there is little room for reflexive introspection. However, that’s exactly when we need spirituality the most. At Archstone Behavioral Health, Florida, we believe that overcoming addiction is a profound, life-changing experience. Join us, as we discuss the importance of spirituality during alcohol and drug rehab in FL and how it can aid your recovery.

What is Spirituality

For many, spirituality is closely tied to a set of religious beliefs. People can belong to a formal religion, or they can just believe in a higher power. Occasionally, individuals define their spirituality as a connection to something outside themselves. Others feel a connection with nature, other people, or all living things. Whatever the case, spirituality can give us a sense of meaning. At the end of the day, the exact definition doesn’t matter. After all, spirituality is a deeply personal matter. As long as you have something you can derive purpose and meaning from you can feel the benefits of spirituality.

When it comes to the importance of spirituality during alcohol and drug rehab in FL, we can examine our past clients and see how their beliefs influenced their recovery. Most individuals who are spiritual will also feel a sense of connection and belonging. These traits can help them get through the difficult periods on their road to recovery. Belonging to a community and attending group sessions are essential principles of the 12-step recovery plan. Our clinical staff is well-versed in the 12-step model, and we encourage our patients to attend traditional and alternative therapies. These therapies include proven models of recovery, such as behavioral therapy, and workshops that empower individuals through yoga and meditation. This mix of activities provides a holistic approach to healing, soothing the body and mind.

Our patients are expected to approach these programs with a genuine desire to get better and a willingness to participate. The benefits of a spirituality-based treatment program, like the 12-step program, lead most US recovery centers to adopt this approach. Scientific studies show that spirituality and faith are positive factors in addiction recovery and relapse prevention. Spirituality can also prevent addiction from occurring in the first place.

Man praying during his recovery program in Archstone rehab Florida.
Having faith can help individuals who are struggling with substance use.

How Spirituality Affects Addiction 

Let’s examine what science has to say regarding the importance of spirituality during alcohol and drug rehab in FL. Treatment programs for substance use disorder are extremely complex. Their goals aren’t just helping individuals cope with their addiction, but also to ensure they don’t relapse. Substance use disorder is classified as a chronic mental illness without a cure. Although addiction cannot be cured, its symptoms can be managed and individuals can achieve life-long sobriety. For this reason, patients must be provided with a continuum of care.

This care includes the initial steps where the body is freed from toxins during detox treatment in Florida. However, care must also extend to treating the mind and the spirit. Psychological and behavioral therapy are essential parts of the recovery process. Spirituality can help individuals better understand the reasons for their drug and alcohol use. Treatment programs based on spirituality effectively prevent further drug use and aid individuals in maintaining their sobriety.

Substances such as marijuana are becoming widely legalized and are considered harmless by the general public. Some individuals claim to be more spiritually connected when using marijuana. However, individuals can also develop an addiction to marijuana and its prolonged or intensive use can have many harmful effects. These effects can include low self-esteem and confidence, depression, anxiety, weight fluctuations, trouble focusing, and many others. In extreme cases, overdose is also possible, and marijuana detox Florida is recommended. In truth, participating in spiritual activities can be a source of resilience and help prevent drug use. Therefore, when correctly channeled, spirituality can be exceptionally helpful in preventing drug use. Moreover, individuals with spiritual beliefs are less likely to consume drugs.

Man looking through window.
People who lack spirituality are often disconnected from society.

The Importance of Spirituality During Alcohol and Drug Rehab in FL

Having spirituality as a core component in your life can yield many benefits. However, we are going to focus on how spirituality can assist patients attending rehab in Florida. By exploring their beliefs individuals can overcome their past negative experiences and lead sober, fulfilling lives.

  1. Reduced Rates of Relapse

We already mentioned that when clients initially arrive at rehab, they must first attend medical detox Florida. Detox is considered to be the most physically demanding part of your recovery since you will be going through withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms and extreme cravings can cause individuals to turn to drug use again. Thankfully, our licensed clinicians can administer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help patients overcome these symptoms.

MAT is also essential for hard drugs, for example when patients are going through cocaine withdrawal treatment. Sadly, even with MAT, the risk of relapse still exists. Since addiction is a chronic illness without a cure, patients who successfully complete their rehab programs are called recovering addicts. Individuals in recovery must find long-term ways of managing their cravings to prevent relapse. Embracing spirituality and having a positive outlook can have a tremendous effect on maintaining sobriety.

Spiritual support during recovery can be an integral part of dealing with addiction. This holds true for both preventing substance use in the first place, but also for reducing the risk of relapse. Spirituality-based programs offer individuals continued support through group meetings and other available resources. Individuals who rely on spiritual resources such as Positive Religious Coping (PRC) have lower relapse rates. PRC is also associated with a lower volume of overall drug use and higher 12-step program attendance.

Spirituality during alcohol and drug rehab in FL can be a guiding light.
Spirituality can help connect you with nature and the world.
  1. How Spirituality can Affect Your Healing

Prolonged drug and alcohol use inevitably leads to addiction and affect individuals in multiple ways. Besides the harmful physical effects, there are also frequent changes to brain chemistry that can influence behavior in negative ways. Many people suffering from addiction describe their behavior as compulsive and they claim to have automatic thoughts regarding drug use. These thought patterns often leave individuals feeling hopeless and alone, pushing them further into the clutches of addiction.

However, once patients start recovering, they can learn more about the causes and reasons for substance use. For most, healing is a challenging process because it entails accepting personal responsibility. The responsibility patients need to deal with includes substance use, but also the other harmful effects it causes. Addiction rarely affects just one individual in isolation; sometimes it’s their family members and loved ones who are also affected.

There can be many reasons why individuals begin abusing substances. Sometimes, the blame is shifted to other people, while in other cases addiction seemingly happened with no one to blame. This is often the case with individuals suffering from opioid addiction. People who started using painkillers or other prescription medications sometimes believe their addiction is a result of their injuries. On the other hand, any doctor will tell you that abusing painkillers for a prolonged time will lead to addiction. In these situations, it would be best to visit an opiate detox center Florida for professional addiction treatment.

Spiritual healing helps patients accept responsibility and guides them toward forgiveness. Owning up to past mistakes and reconnecting with the important people in our lives is a central pillar of spirituality. This progress inevitably comes by exploring our thoughts and understanding the changes we are going through.

  1. Belonging to a Group

One of the hardest aspects of addiction is the feelings of loneliness and isolation. Remember, help is available, and you don’t need to go through recovery alone. We can provide you with the support and guidance you need to get better. One of our main goals is to educate and empower our clients and teach them they can be self-sufficient. However, besides building up your confidence, another essential recovery skill is learning to trust and rely on others.

During the whole recovery process, you will not be alone. Starting from your initial admission to our inpatient drug detox center Florida, where our staff will oversee your first steps in recovery, all the way to attending individual and group therapy sessions. Group sessions represent great opportunities for building your support group. Patients in rehab can form lasting friendships and continue supporting each other even after they complete their programs.

The importance of spirituality during alcohol and drug rehab in FL is most visible in group therapy sessions. Spirituality and shared beliefs can help patients open up and rely on others. Hearing others open up about their substance use can be an eye-opening experience. Learning that other patients are going through the same struggles you are facing can allow you to create meaningful connections. Spirituality can encourage you to establish connections with others to achieve a sense of belonging. Having shared goals, values and beliefs can make those connections even stronger. Individuals who belong to a community are more likely to maintain their sobriety and turn to others for help.

People on a camping trip.
Connecting with others can help individuals stay sober.
  1. Long-Term Goals

The best way to maintain sobriety is to set up a healthy and productive routine. Developing healthy coping skills you can fall back on when you are struggling is an integral part of rehab. During their stay in Archstone, patients will learn many helpful life skills. One of the most important lessons we teach patients is that they should strive to become productive members of society. We also provide vocational services and encourage our patients to seek employment. Setting up long-term goals and staying focused and motivated after treatment can significantly reduce the risk of relapse.

Before they enter rehab, individuals struggling with substance use often have a bleak outlook on life. When addiction sinks its claws into a person’s life it can be challenging to believe that things can improve. However, as long as there is a desire to get better, there is always hope. Spirituality can give individuals focus and help them look beyond their current struggles. Likewise, we often instruct patients in recovery to make long-term plans and think about what they will do after recovery.

At Archstone Behavioral Health, Lantana Florida we host weekly alumni meetings. These alumni meetings have several benefits:

  • Weekly meetings provide our former patients with a connection to a support networkthey can rely on. Staying connected to our facility and other patients in recovery is a great way to prevent relapse.
  • Alumni can give back to the communityand help others. Volunteering in alumni programs can keep you busy and provide you with sober, fun activities.
  • Our alumni can serve as mentors and aspirational figures to current patients. By attending group meetings and speaking about their experiences, alumni can motivate other patients. You can even be a sponsor to someone for their 12-step program.
  1. Spirituality Enables Healing of the Body and Mind

We already stressed the importance of healing the body and the mind. Unfortunately, addiction often stifles our spirituality, creativity, and drive. Addiction can disconnect us from the real world and make it difficult to connect with others. Hard drugs that are extremely addictive like heroin can make it virtually impossible to focus on anything other than using. Those individuals must first undergo heroin detox Florida before they can re-discover their spirituality.

As the stranglehold drugs have on your life begins to fade you will be able to focus on healing. Of course, some drugs will require medically assisted treatment in the initial stages, such as methadone detox Florida. However, once you overcome your initial cravings you can experience the world around you and create meaningful connections.

With the return of your true self that isn’t muted and drowned out by addiction, you can begin healing. Spirituality can guide you to learn things about the world and yourself. As you start exploring your creativity through art, meditation, yoga, and psychology you will come to understand the importance of spirituality during alcohol and drug rehab in FL. A holistic approach to healing that treats the body and mind can improve your overall well-being. Working towards something bigger than yourself can allow you to achieve and maintain a healthy balance in your life.

Stacked stones on a beach.
Spirituality can help you find balance.

Conclusions on The Importance of Spirituality During Alcohol and Drug Rehab in FL

Rehab and recovery are always about healing the individual and setting them on a path of long-term sobriety. The key to Archstone Behavioral Health’s success in treating patients is that we set up a continuum of care. Besides treating patients for immediate issues relating to addiction, we also teach them how to maintain their sobriety. By setting long-term goals and having something to focus on, our clients are much less likely to relapse. If patients realize the importance of spirituality during alcohol and drug rehab in FL they can find purpose and meaning in their healing. That purpose is what helps individuals stay on the path of sobriety, and lead happy fulfilling lives without addiction. Join us and re-discover the joy and meaning in your life. Help is available, you only have to reach out and contact us. We would be thrilled to take part in your healing and recovery.