The Truth about Teen Marijuana Addiction

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The Truth about Teen Marijuana Addiction: Archstone Behavioral Health

Marijuana addiction is a growing concern for teens. Marijuana addiction can take many forms, including physical dependence, emotional dependence, and social dependency. Marijuana addiction may also result in withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not taken, or the dose is reduced. Marijuana is addictive because it affects brain cells that release dopamine, which controls pleasure and pain signals in the brain.

Marijuana use during adolescence causes cognitive impairment and memory loss as a person ages. In addition, marijuana use has been linked to mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety disorder later on in life. One of our key goals at Archstone Behavioral Health is to help people struggling with substance abuse issues by providing them with evidence-based treatment options tailored to their personal needs.

What is Teen Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is a problem that more teenagers than ever are facing. According to recent research studies, teenagers who begin using marijuana at an early age of 15 or younger are four times as likely to become addicted compared with those who start smoking after 18 years old. Marijuana can affect the development and structure of teens’ brains, leading them to significant mental health problems down the road, including schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, or other long-term issues.

Marijuana addiction is a real problem, and it can happen to anyone, including teenagers. Marijuana addiction is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. Teens addicted to marijuana may have difficulty in school and with relationships, and they may also experience problems with motivation and concentration.

Signs That Your Teen Has A Marijuana Addiction

Signs That Your Teen Has A Marijuana Addiction
If you are a parent, it is essential to be aware of the signs that your teen may have a marijuana addiction. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States, and teens are particularly vulnerable to its effects.

Some warning signs that your teen may have a marijuana addiction include:

  • They are constantly talking about or using marijuana
  • They become defensive or secretive when asked about their use of marijuana
  • Their grades start to decline
  • They exhibit changes in behavior, such as becoming more aggressive or withdrawn.
  • They have trouble sleeping or experience nightmares
  • Their physical appearance starts to change, such as losing weight or having bloodshot eyes

If you suspect that your teen has a marijuana addiction, it is essential to seek help as soon as possible. Marijuana use can have a lasting impact on the brain and body, so early intervention is critical.

Treatment Options for Teen Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is a real problem for teenagers, and it requires professional treatment. Archstone Behavioral Health can help teens overcome their marijuana addictions and get their lives back on track. We offer several treatment options to find the right one for each teenager.

Some of our treatments include inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and therapy. Inpatient rehab is a good option for teenagers who need intensive treatment and supervision. Outpatient rehab is perfect for those who want to continue going to school or work while getting treatment. And therapy helps teens learn how to cope with temptation and resist relapse.

We can help! No matter which treatment option your teen chooses, our team of experts will provide them with the support they need to overcome their addiction. We will help them learn how to live without marijuana and build a healthy, sober life. If you are concerned about your teen’s marijuana use, please call Archstone Behavioral Health today.