What Does Huffing Do to My Lungs? How Can I Get Help for Inhalant Addiction?

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What Does Huffing Do to My Lungs? How Can I Get Help for Inhalant Addiction? What is huffing? It’s a disturbingly common trend among teenagers New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Washington, DC, Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore (MD), New England, and all over the United States.  “Huffing” is a name for the practice of inhaling the fumes of various toxic household chemicals such as paint thinner, freon gas from air conditioners, nitrous oxide canisters used for making whipped cream, and dust remover and other aerosol products.  What’s even more surprising is that more and more adults are now huffing, and many who seek treatment for other drug addictions also admit to trying inhalants. Is huffing addictive?  It can be.  Huffing does not have the addiction rates of drugs like heroin, cocaine, and alcohol, mostly because of its harsh side effects, including drooling, vomiting, and unconsciousness.  Is huffing dangerous? Very. Huffing is one of the most immediately dangerous drugs out there. Unlike other drugs, which can lead to death because of an overdose or a long-term addiction, huffing can kill you the very first time.  Freon in particular can freeze the air passageways of the lungs, and can also cause cardiac arrest.  Often people die before addiction can become an issue.  But even so, many inhalant users do become addicted. How can I quit huffing?  If you have an addiction, quitting is never easy.  You are most likely to succeed if you seek help from a reputable, top-rated drug and alcohol treatment facility such as Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches.  Where is the best rehab center in Florida?  Archstone Recovery is in Lantana, Florida, convenient to Palm Beach International Airport.  At Archstone Recovery, inhalant addicts from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Washington, DC, Philadelphia (PA), and Baltimore (MD) get the caring, comprehensive, no-nonsense treatment they need to get clean and stay clean.  If you’re asking yourself, “Where can I get help for huffing addiction?,” Archstone Recovery is here for you.  Use the contact form on the right to contact Archstone Recovery for more information today.