Will My Insurance Cover Outpatient Quit Smoking Programs?

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Will My Insurance Cover Outpatient Quit Smoking Programs?

“I need help to quit smoking cigarettes. Can I get outpatient smoking rehab? Will my insurance pay for outpatient treatment to help me quit smoking?” If you’re a smoker, your doctor has probably already told you that tobacco smoking causes a whole range of health problems—everything from lung cancer to diabetes to emphysema to heart disease. Quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health! And your health insurance company knows that. If you quit smoking, your lifetime health care costs will go way, way down. That’s why most health insurance providers gladly cover smoking cessation programs to help you recover from nicotine addiction and quit smoking cigarettes—they’d much rather pay for an outpatient stop-smoking program today than for chemotherapy and hospitalization years down the line. But not all programs to help you quit smoking are the same. 

The Cold-Turkey Method

Most smokers quit many times before they finally quit for good, and in the intervening years they do terrible damage to their bodies. The least effective method is quitting “cold turkey”—trying to just stop smoking without any help. This method simply doesn’t acknowledge how difficult it is to quit smoking, and without support it’s easy to slip back into familiar habits. Quitting with the support of friends and family is better, but it still lacks a systematic approach or any kind of medical support. Nicotine gum or patches are more effective, as are support groups, but these, too, fail to address the overarching problems at the root of your nicotine addiction.[vc_column_text]

What is the Best Way to Quit Smoking?

That’s why the best way to quit smoking is the outpatient nicotine addiction recovery program at Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches. Archstone Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in Lantana, Florida, convenient to the Miami-Dade area and the Palm Beaches. You might not think of smoking when you think of rehab, but our outpatient programs make it easy to get the treatment and support you need while still maintaining your normal work or school life. With therapy, medical treatment, and a variety of tools and techniques you can keep using your whole life, Archstone Recovery’s nicotine addiction program will help you quit smoking and stay tobacco-free—for good this time. To learn more, contact Archstone Recovery today!