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LSD, standing for lysergic acid diethylamide, is a synthetic chemical that has been used for its psychedelic properties since the 1960s when it was first created. It is also known by the names acid, boomers, yellow sunshine, or zen, and is most often sold as a liquid in a small bottle. You can find LSD on blotter paper or other small edible items such as sugar cubes, as well. LSD is a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, which includes the most restricted drugs with a high potential for abuse and no medical benefit. Although LSD use does not cause physical addiction, psychological dependence is still very real. That is why you may need LSD detox at our rehab Lantana Florida center. Contact us today and take the first step on your road to recovery!

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Therapy can help you beat your LSD addiction.

LSD may not be an addictive drug but that does not mean it is not dangerous

Although these drugs are not restricted to a certain population or group, LSD abuse happens more often with young adults and even adolescents. LSD is in the drug class of psychedelics and young adults often use it to experience an “LSD trip”. According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, “When small doses are taken, it can produce mild changes in perception, mood and thought”. Larger doses may produce visual hallucinations and distortions of space and time. However, the tolerance of those abusing LSD increases rapidly; the person requires more and more of the substance to have the same effect. Although the drug is not physically addictive, just like someone can get “addicted” to a bad habit such as biting their nails or eating too much for comfort, someone can also be addicted to the psychological effects the drug brings them.

However, LSD is a dangerous drug in its own right, even though it is not physically addictive. There are numerous risks associated with LSD, and continual use of the drug may require you to enroll in a medical detox Florida program. As with every other chemical, too much LSD in your system will have adverse effects on your health. As you build tolerance for LSD, you may be more inclined to take an increased amount of the drug. It is always best to stop using it altogether, something that you can achieve with professional medical support and care.

Risks of LSD Abuse

Unlike biting one’s nails or eating too much food, those who abuse LSD are in great and immediate danger. Anyone who uses a drug, no matter how small the dose, has some risk of negative effects. Often, young adults will use a substance such as LSD or marijuana out of curiosity, or maybe they are subconsciously trying to cope with mental health issues in an unhealthy way. However, they never think this would lead to substance abuse and, for example, marijuana detox Florida program down the line. LSD rehab centers such as Archstone Behavioral Health are here to break myths such as this and to encourage individuals to attend effective and quality LSD detox programs as soon as possible. Any substance abuse is dangerous, after all, and LSD is definitely not an exception.

various addictive substances
Substance abuse is always dangerous.

Taking too large of an amount of LSD (which is not unlikely due to the precise dosage needed to produce the desired effects) can lead to someone experiencing a “bad trip.” This might include disturbing visual or auditory hallucinations, which can result in someone experiencing panic or even a state of psychosis. Individuals are even at risk of self-harm or suicidal behaviors at this time. Emergency services should be contacted immediately when an individual has overdosed. 

If anything of the like happens to you, or to someone you know or care about, the best thing to do is to seek treatment immediately. The longer the LSD abuse continues, the worse it will be, similar to all other negative habits. That is even not mentioning the greatest danger of abusing a drug such as LSD – Flashbacks.

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Flashbacks with LSD

One of the major and scary long-term effects of using LSD is potential flashbacks which can happen days, weeks, months or even years after using the drug. These flashbacks can last a few minutes, can be extremely disturbing, and can happen to individuals even if they only used the drug occasionally or have not used the drug in a very long time. This is just one reason why ongoing support is especially needed for this type of substance abuse; these unexpected flashbacks can be triggering and distressing, perhaps even reinforcing other substance abuse if the individual never gained healthy coping skills through the attendance of a proper treatment program. Those who suffer from LSD addiction require LSD detox treatment from addiction professionals who have the necessary training to help with these issues.

During the course of the therapy, the patient will be able to learn all the necessary coping skills and techniques, as well as get to understand themselves better.

LSD and Co-Occurring Disorders

Due to the flashbacks experienced by those who have used this drug, many individuals develop mental health issues or experience the worsening of existing mental health issues. For example, the flashbacks may cause anxiety or PTSD by themselves or they may trigger it. Someone may fear triggering a flashback by experiencing stress or even exercising, which can cause them to lean towards avoidance as a coping strategy. Additionally, the symptoms produced from a bad trip or taking too high of a dose can lead to long-lasting psychosis such as the development or worsening of schizophrenia or severe depression. Therefore, it is always best to seek treatment early and not allow those issues to take root.

a psychotic person
LSD can lead to psychosis.

The best option for LSD detox is one of the specialized treatment centers, such as Archstone Behavioral Health.

Attending a Treatment Center for LSD Addiction in Lantana

An addiction treatment center is the safest and most comfortable place for an individual to recover from an LSD addiction. When an individual first attempts to quit LSD, they may experience psychological withdrawal symptoms such as an increase in physical discomfort, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. When someone checks into our treatment facility, we are able to monitor the withdrawal symptoms as well as work towards relapse prevention for the future when long-lasting symptoms may arise again, such as uncomfortable flashbacks.

Furthermore, our medical staff will help you acquire the necessary skills and set you on the path to true recovery. This will also minimize the relapse potential, as you will have greater insight into what drove you to LSD in the first place. Abusing a substance is never a solution, of course. But it might be the only solution you knew. By spending some time in one of our detox inpatient Florida programs, we will show you how to figure out your own solution, one that does not involve substance abuse.

Therapy in an LSD Addiction Treatment Center

LSD detox takes place during in-house addiction therapy, which includes both individual and group sessions. Individual therapy can be extremely helpful in creating new habits and enforcing new coping skills, as well as gaining an understanding of triggers and context through the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy during sessions. Group therapy can be a valuable space to exchange advice, experiences, and fears with others who have been through the same drug abuse and treatment. It will also help you create meaningful connections and allow you to practice your social skills in a safe setting.

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Archstone’s professional medical staff is there to guide you on the path to recovery!

Given the overlap of LSD abuse with mental health issues, our LSD rehab center includes a host of other mental health services to address the core and worsening of the addiction. The goal of our comprehensive services is to create lasting change and healing whether you are attending opioid withdrawal treatment or LSD detox. Because we also realize how vital it is to have support when leaving inpatient treatment, we welcome family members to be a part of treatment as much as the patient is comfortable with. In fact, we customize all our treatment programs to the individual patient’s needs. Our professional staff will create a unique program just for you, taking into account your particular situation and medical condition.

Finding Help Begins at Archstone Behavioral Health

Reaching out for help and undergoing LSD detox is your first step in recovering from addiction. That is the fastest way to a full recovery. If that involves a comfortable stay at one of the top Florida rehab centers, all the better! Contact Archstone Behavioral Health today and we will provide you with the best possible treatment options!

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How long does LSD detox last?

Due to the nature of the drug, it is impossible to determine the duration of withdrawal symptoms. Everyone’s brain is unique and everyone has their own experiences with LSD detox. Some people might require only a couple of days, others may take months or even years to fully detox.

What kind of therapy can I expect?

This depends on your unique needs. Most people react well to CBT or DBT but others find art therapy or music therapy to be best. What you can expect from Archstone is that we will provide you with the ideal treatment modality for your particular withdrawal symptoms. The therapy itself may also include medications if our medical staff deems them necessary.

Will I need to move between treatment centers?

No, once you enroll in any of Archstone’s treatment programs, you will receive a full continuum of care. That means that you will not have to deal with any transfers, referrals, or any similar hassles. It is important to us that our patients stay within the same environment, with the same therapists, and receive consistent care.

What happens after detox?

Every patient at Archstone will receive a personalized discharge plan after their treatment. This plan will include all the information you might need to prevent future relapse, as well as connections to all the necessary services such as support groups, aftercare services, sober living, etc.


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